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Czech Republic

The Czech counterpart of a limited liability company is s.r.o. The most popular companies to buy are ready-made companies because the cost of buying ready-made companies is almost the same as setting up a new company, with the major plus of ready-made companies being that they can act on behalf of the company as early as day purchase.

In S.r.o. there must be at least one shareholder and one director (it may be the same person). The director is fully responsible for the company's activities.

The Czech equivalent of a joint stock company is the company a.s. This is a more prestigious company. Mainly because the minimum share capital is 2000000 Czech crowns (CZK). At least 30% of this value (600000 CZK) must be paid to the bank during the registration process.

This makes such a process very difficult and expensive. But we have a solution! In our offer you will find ready-made companies “a.s”.

Advantages of running a business in the Czech Republic

  • Electronic communication with offices of all levels
  • the principle of presumption of innocence in treasury matters, limited fines
  • greater tolerance for small delays in paying contributions, taxes and advances
  • Simplified forms of accounting for single-person entrepreneurs

Essential disadvantages and disadvantages

  • Every activity or participation in the company's bodies requires the presentation of a non criminal record certificate,
  • Difficulties in the voluntary VAT registration of new companies (ie on the day of founding the company, without the stated turnover)

European Company

As in any European country, it is possible to set up a European company. This is a very similar form to the joint stock company (a.s.) with a few convenient differences. The biggest advantage of such a company is the possibility of transferring its headquarters to another EU country. So if you notice that in another country there are better business conditions such as tax related, there is no such thing as a transfer.

This is a quick and easy process that does not require your presence in the Czech Republic.

S.r.o. company must have registered address in Czech Republic - we can provide you with addresses in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Třinec and other cities, so that you can get an address in a prestigious location, possibility of using a conference room, the option to send and scan correspondence. We also carry out accounting (VAT filling, annual reports, payroll, etc.) for a monthly fee based on the amount of work.


  • Corporate income tax – 20%
  • VAT – 20%
  • Personal income tax – 15%
  • Withholding tax on dividends – 15%